A Mother's Day Memory

As Mother's Day approaches, I find myself reminiscing about a particularly special Mother's Day memory that inspired our "On My Mama..." Collection.

Last year, I flew home to spend Mother's Day with my mom and godmother. These two incredible women, who raised me with love and planted seeds of beauty inside me, have always been my guiding lights.

Armed with bundles of flowers and overflowing with excitement, we gathered by the pool for a unique experience. As we indulged in the sweet scent of Cocoa by CeCe Doll Butter and Self-Love Scrub, surrounded by vibrant blooms and endless laughter, the idea for our "On My Mama..." Collection was born.


  • Sunflower Vase, Doll Butter, Self-Love Scrub, Shears [Retail Value: $85]
  • Exclusive Cocoa by CeCe Stickers
  • Custom Gift-Wrapping
  • Hand-Written Notecard

Inspired by the enduring love and beauty of these remarkable women, we curated a collection that celebrates the essence of motherhood—warmth, joy, and resilience.

So, as you browse through our Mother's Day Gift Sets, know that each piece is infused with love and inspired by moments like these. Let's honor the remarkable mothers in our lives together.

Wishing you a Mother's Day filled with love and cherished memories.

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