Cocoa by CeCe Launches True Beauty Book Club Featuring "Skin and Bones" by NYTimes Best Selling Author Renee Watson

Empowering Women and Girls to Redefine Beauty, One Book at a Time

Cocoa by CeCe, the body care brand renowned for its commitment to fostering self-love and confidence, is thrilled to announce the launch of the True Beauty Book Club. The inaugural selection is "Skin and Bones" by New York Times Best-Selling Author Renee Watson. This initiative aims to bring together women and girls to discuss, challenge, and redefine beauty standards through the lens of literature.

Why "Skin and Bones"?

"Skin and Bones" eloquently captures the complexities of beauty standards and the impact they have on women across generations. The book includes powerful quotes such as, "I keep thinking about the things girls do to be beautiful" and "I'd like to think of new ways to define beauty," which resonate deeply with the values of the Cocoa by CeCe community. Through this book, we will explore the legacy of beauty, addressing the insecurities and challenges women and girls face today. Our goal is to foster a supportive environment where we can collectively redefine beauty and create a narrative that empowers rather than diminishes.

CeCe Olisa, founder of Cocoa by CeCe, shared her inspiration for choosing this book: "I was blessed to receive a preview copy of 'Skin and Bones,' and from the first page, I couldn't put it down. There's a quote from the book that says, 'You've got to carve out space for yourself, define what beauty is for yourself, and hold on to your own definition when this world tries to tell you otherwise.' That's exactly what we're doing at Cocoa by CeCe. I knew I had to bring this book to my community."

Book Club Details


  • Monday, June 10th (12 PM ET): Session 1 on Instagram Live (first half of the book)
  • Monday, July 15th (12 PM ET): Session 2 on Instagram Live (second half of the book)
  • Monday, August 12th (12 PM ET): TBD Finale in Martha's Vineyard (Recap)



  • Purchase the True Beauty Book Club Bundle for $79.99. The bundle includes a mini sampler of Cocoa by CeCe Doll Butter, Self-Love Scrub, Beautiful Body Oil, a summer tote bag, a hardcover copy of "Skin and Bones," and a sticker set with inspiring quotes.
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