body positive beauty

the mission

We are a mission-oriented beauty brand founded by CeCe Olisa and Black Progress Matters. Setting the new standard in beauty beginning with a collection of Cocoa-infused goodness to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

debut product

the doll butter

It’s time to step up your confidence with super soft skin. Massage every inch of your beautiful body with my deliciously whipped body cream loaded with tropical oils, butters, and extracts. Enjoy long-lasting hydration, non-sticky glow and touchably soft skin.

CeCe Olisa

The Founder

In my experience, confidence doesn't build my daily routine; my everyday routine builds my confidence. Women often ask me, how do I love my body?  I believe that love is a verb — it’s an action word.  So the best way to begin loving your body is to start taking care of it. I created the Doll Butter to celebrate the routine of self-love and self-care – beneficial for both the skin and the soul.


Named one of the “Top 10
New York Fashion Bloggers” by
WhoWhatWear and a “person
who proves you can be fit at
any size” by


CeCe Olisa is a model and
co-Founder of theCURVYcon,
a plus size fashion convention
during New York Fashion Week.
CeCe adheres to her motto,
“Don’t wait on your weight to
live the life you want.”


Modeled and worked with
brand partners including:
NIKE, LOFT, Bloomingdales,
Olay, Secret Deodorant, Royal
Caribbean Cruises, Amazon,
and so many more.


CeCe Olisa is now taking her
body positive messaging and
platform and bringing it to the
world of beauty. Cocoa by
CeCe was developed by CeCe
in partnership with the BPM
Black-Owned Incubator.

Black Progress Matters

Our Partner

Cocoa by CeCe has received initial funding from the Black Progress Matters Black-Owned Business Incubator Program. Black Progress Matters’s core mission is to change the color of leadership in organizations worldwide through its various executive staffing activities.

Developing successful Black-ownership is an essential component of BPM’s core mission to change the color of the executive suite and ownership of organizations worldwide. And Cocoa by CeCe is paving the way for diverse founders’ success in the beauty & wellness category.