Founder Letter: We Sold Out in Los Angeles

Last month I took Cocoa by CeCe to the inaugural LA3C festival—a two-day music, art, and food festival celebrating the rich culture and immense creativity of Los Angeles. Cocoa by CeCe joined the Meaningful Marketplace as one of 20 minority and women-owned businesses, giving 20,000 festival goers a chance to shop with purpose-- and we sold out!

What is Cocoa by CeCe?

Cocoa by CeCe is a simple body care routine to nurture self-love, self-care, and self-confidence. Cocoa by CeCe is currently in BETA, which means I'm spending most of my time growing our customer base, developing new products and raising capital from investors. The Cocoa by CeCe current product line includes Doll Butter, Self-Love Scrub, and a special edition 3-Piece Gift Set (sold out).

I love everything that MMP LA3C stands for, and I’m happy to be part of it. As a curvy, chocolate-colored, black girl with natural hair, it can be hard to feel seen as an Influencer/Entrepreneur. SHE Media has supported me from the beginning of my influencer journey, through the success of my first company and now the launch of my latest venture, Cocoa by CeCe. SHE Media holds a very special place in my influencer story, my brand and my heart!

At Cocoa by CeCe's LA3C booth, visitors were able to receive the Cocoa by CeCe signature mini-hand facial experience and take home a delightful heart-shaped mug as a gift with purchase.

I'm proud to share that my signature Cocoa by CeCe mini hand facial was a hit. We had to turn shoppers towards the cocoa by CeCe website to make their purchases  because we were completely sold out of all of our inventory and by the second day!

What is the Cocoa by CeCe mini-hand facial?

The cocoa by CeCe mini hand facial is a 3-step luxe self care routine that you can do at home. step one: take a dime size amount of my cocoa by CeCe self love scrub and massage your hands with it. Be sure to get in between your fingers and give extra attention to any rough spots. step two: rinse your cocoa by cece self love scrub away with warm water-- you should start to feel the hydration locking in immediately. pat your hands dry. step three: lock in all of that yummy hydration by massaging a small dollop of my skin softening doll butter. Enjoy your softest hands ever, then try it on your entire body!

Cocoa by CeCe Doll Butter + Self Love Scrub Review

“The doll butter + self love scrub is everything. We got to test it out and it was life changing. I bought some on the spot.” —Toi Storr

You can click here to read Toi’s full review of Cocoa by CeCe and the LA3C festival.

Family Forever

God has blessed me with a family that supports my dreams and I am forever grateful. Thank you, Papa, Mother, Cousin Ace (my muscle for the weekend), Cousin Martin (aka Cousin Bae), Cousin G2 (sorry we didn't grab a photo!) and my chosen family member, Samantha for showing up for me in a major way. I couldn't have done this without your love, time and attention.


The moment Cocoa by CeCe sold out in Los Angeles

When we sold the last jar, I was so excited I had to jump for joy!

Where can I purchase Cocoa by CeCe?

Right now, Cocoa by CeCe is available exclusively at

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