Exploring True Beauty with the True Beauty Book Club: Episode 2 Recap

Does Beauty Define Your Love Life?

In our latest True Beauty Book Club episode, we dive into a powerful moment from our book, "Skin & Bones" by #1 NYTimes Best Selling Author Renee Watson. Our main character, Lena, faces a challenging encounter in the doctor's office where a slim doctor body shames her plus-size body. Despite the hurtful comments, Lena finds strength in her self-worth. Initially, she feels a sense of superiority when she notices the doctor doesn’t have a wedding ring on—unlike Lena, who is engaged. However, Lena ultimately reminds herself that a wedding ring is not a reflection or validation of her beauty. She is beautiful regardless of her romantic status.

One of the reasons we chose "Skin & Bones" as our book club pick is because Lena's journey is filled with challenging conversations about body image and beauty. She reflects on how she views beauty in herself, her friends, and her daughter. This introspection opens the door for us to discuss crucial questions like: Does your beauty define your love life?

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True Beauty is Beyond Skin Deep

At Cocoa by CeCe, we believe that true beauty transcends physical appearance. Our book club is named "True Beauty" because we aim to redefine beauty standards and encourage self-love and self-confidence. Lena’s story reminds us that beauty is not about fitting into a specific mold but about embracing who we are and finding worth in our unique qualities.

Empowering the Next Generation

Another essential topic we cover is: How do I help my daughter feel beautiful? Cultivating self-love and self-confidence in young women and girls starts with honest conversations about our values. We must also acknowledge when our actions or words may not align with those values—because we all have our moments.

Studies tell us that having open and honest discussions with children, and truly listening to their thoughts and feelings, can significantly boost their self-esteem. It's crucial to create a supportive environment where they feel heard and valued. By sharing our struggles and triumphs with body image, we teach them to appreciate their unique beauty and build resilience against societal pressures.

Join the Conversation

We invite you to join our True Beauty Book Club and be part of these empowering discussions. You can participate by borrowing "Skin & Bones" from your local library or supporting our mission by purchasing our exclusive Book Club Kit. Together, let's redefine beauty and inspire each other to embrace our true selves.

📚💖 Let’s redefine beauty together!

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