Inside Cocoa by CeCe's Journey

Q: CeCe, what was your journey like from co-founder of TheCurvyCon to founder of Cocoa by CeCe?

A: Oh, I'm so glad you asked! My journey from co-founder of TheCurvyCon to founder of Cocoa by CeCe has been nothing short of transformative. You see, while I was deeply involved in advocating for body positivity through TheCurvyCon, I couldn't help but notice the lack of inclusivity in the beauty industry. Sure, there are products out there, but they often perpetuate harmful beauty standards by focusing on "fixing" perceived flaws like cellulite or stretch marks.

I couldn't help but wonder, what if we created an inclusive body care company just because it's the right thing to do? What if instead of selling products that promise to change you, we celebrate your uniqueness and beauty as you are? That's the heart and soul of Cocoa by CeCe. Our mission is to build confidence in women and girls by celebrating their natural beauty. We believe that beauty has no size, and our products are designed to nourish and pamper you so you can feel your best and most confident self. So, whether you're curvy, dark-skinned, or have natural hair, know that you're already beautiful, and we're here to celebrate and love you with our delicious products.

Q: Tell us the inspiration behind starting Cocoa by CeCe and the need for body care products that embrace beauty in all forms.

A: Sigh, the inspiration behind Cocoa by CeCe runs deep, and it all stems from the incredible woman who raised me—my mother. Losing her last year was a profound loss that I'm still processing, but it also ignited a spark within me to carry on her legacy of embracing natural beauty and practical self-care.

You see, my mother wasn't just about doling out beauty tips; she was all about enhancing our natural beauty in the most loving and nurturing way possible. From giving me advice on skincare routines to emphasizing the importance of proper hygiene, she instilled in me the belief that taking care of our bodies is an essential form of self-love.

I can vividly recall those early days of puberty when I was more concerned about my outfits than my shower routine. My mother's blunt yet wise words always resonated with me: "It doesn't matter how cute you look if you smell." Looking back, it's both humorous and profound. But as a curvy size 18 woman, I've come to realize that my body care routine is at the core of my confidence.

I've learned to embrace every curve and roll, and to give them the extra love they deserve through nourishing body care products. Whether it's removing dead (and sometimes smelly) skin cells with exfoliating scrubs like our vegan Self Love Scrub, or using deodorant *everywhere*—not just under my arms—my mother's wisdom has empowered me to create body care routines that celebrate and enhance my natural beauty.

And that's exactly what Cocoa by CeCe is all about—honoring the beauty of every body and providing products that nourish, pamper, and uplift. We believe that beauty comes in all forms, and our mission is to empower women to embrace their uniqueness with confidence and love. So here's to celebrating our bodies, our stories, and the journey to redefining beauty together.

Q: Can you explain the philosophy behind Cocoa by CeCe and its commitment to redefining beauty?

A: Sure! The philosophy behind Cocoa by CeCe is deeply rooted in my personal journey and the values that have guided me every step of the way. After experiencing success in bringing plus-size representation to fashion and wellness (as a Nike Ambassador and co-founder of theCURVYcon), I became fixated on extending that body-positive mindset to a beauty company, specifically body care.

You see, my shower routine has always been a bit of an obsession for me. From homemade body butters like our vegan Doll Butter concocted in my teenage years to an array of luxurious potions and oils like our vegan Beautiful Body Oil Mist, it's become a sacred ritual—one that embodies both my creativity and confidence. I'm constantly flattered when someone remarks on how soft my skin is or how amazing I smell because the aura, scent, and feel of my body to me, is an integral part of self-expression.

With Cocoa by CeCe, my goal is simple yet profound: to connect with our community—the women who, like me, want to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. I believe that if we can empower each other to embrace our unique beauty and pass that positivity on to the next generation of girls, we'll be truly unstoppable.

This philosophy is deeply inspired by my late mother, who taught me from a young age that beauty isn't about changing ourselves—it's about celebrating who we are. It's about reveling in our skin, our hair, our features, and our beautiful bodies. And that's the essence of Cocoa by CeCe—a celebration of individuality, self-love, and the journey to redefining beauty, one deliciously scented product at a time.

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