Adventures in Self-Care

There's a Stranger in My Shower

Hey there, dolls! So, picture this: I'm all about embracing nature during my self-care journey, especially with outdoor showers. What's better than cleansing your body under the open sky, right? Well, let me tell you about when I encountered an unexpected guest in my outdoor shower...

There I was, lost in a daydream, feeling the water's gentle embrace, when suddenly I felt a tickling sensation between my toes. Let's be honest: I've heard of grounding exercises, but this was next-level! Turns out, Mother Nature decided to send her tiniest emissary to join my shower party.

I looked down, and there it was—a little worm, clearly having a blast exploring my toes like it was on a vacation of its own. Talk about an uninvited guest, right? But here's the thing, dolls—life's too short to panic over a little wormy encounter. At that moment, I couldn't help but chuckle at the absurdity of it all. A stranger in my shower – who could've guessed?

As I gently convinced my new friend to explore other horizons, I couldn't help but realize that even in the quirkiest of moments, self-care can be an adventure. So, here's to embracing the unexpected, finding humor in the little things, and feeling more connected to the world around us—even if that world occasionally wiggles its way between our toes.

Remember, dolls, self-care isn't just about the picture-perfect moments, but also the stories that make us smile. And trust me, I'll forever cherish the day I shared my outdoor shower with a friendly Martha's Vineyard worm. 🪱✨

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